Precision Medicine Forum

Facilitating Global Collaboration

With the dawn of the $1000 genome, and world leaders pledging hundreds of millions of dollars to the initiative, there is little doubt that the Precision Medicine revolution is gathering pace. A new era of medicine is upon us, in which omics, science and technology are meeting to enable a sea change in the way healthcare is provided. But, if the ambitious goal of precision medicine is to be achieved, it requires the creative and energetic involvement of many; from biologists, physicians and technology developers to data scientists, patient groups, governments and more. Interest in the initiative’s goals has motivated and attracted visionary scientists from many disciplines but, for these efforts to be truly successful, they must cover all corners of the globe and will require significant collaboration.

delivering the right content, at the right time to the right people…

And that’s where Precision Medicine Forum comes in; a place for unparalleled networking – and for facilitating the exchange of information, expertise and ideas – among world-leading scientific, academic and business minds. Our social media groups, blogs, webinars, newsletters and live events bring communities together in person and online. We provide the opportunity to share in the collective wisdom of your peers, discover unchartered business opportunities and deliver the right content, at the right time to the right people.

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