Anne Forus

Senior Adviser at the Norwegian Directorate of Health. She works mainly on ethical, legal and scientific /medical issues related to biomedicine and the application of biotechnology in health care and biomedical research. The last few years she has been involved in work organized to follow up the Norwegian strategy for Personalised Medicine in Health Care. Her field of knowledge cover issues related to the use of genetic analyses, assisted reproduction technologies, prenatal diagnosis, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, biobanks in research etc.

Over the last 15 years, Anne has participated in international ethics committees. She has been a delegate to the Committee on Bioethics at the Council of Europe ( DH-BIO/CDBI) since 2003. She was Vice Chair in 2012 and Chair in 2013 and 2014. Anne was appointed as member of the UNESCO International Committee on Bioethics (IBC).

Anne has a PhD in molecular biology and background in cancer research. She has published a number of scientific papers in peer-review journals and a book on ethical issues related to assisted reproduction technologies.

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