Anu Jalanko, PhD

Anu Jalanko, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Project Manager of FinnGen project at the Institute for Molecular Medicine FIMM, University of Helsinki.

FinnGen aims to collect genome data combined with health registry data from 500 000 Finns to be utilized in GWAS and PheWAS analyses. Until 2017 Anu Jalanko was the Head of Genomics and Biomarker Unit at the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and director of THL Biobank. Anu Jalanko is also the National Coordinator of, responsible for national coordination of biobanks and representing Finland in the Management Committee of the European Biobank Infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC. AJ has a long experience as a research director and participated to several EU  projects. The scientific career of Anu Jalanko consists mainly of studies of molecular mechanisms behind rare genetic diseases

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