12-13 June 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The inaugural Benelux Precision Medicine Forum took place in Utrecht. Its programme of international speakers meant its message of collaboration stretched beyond the boundaries of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Located in the heart of Holland, the medieval city of Utrecht plays an important role in the country’s transport network. Its road and rail network stretch out to all corners of the Netherlands and in turn, to all corners of Benelux.

It seemed appropriate then that Utrecht was the location for the inaugural Benelux Precision Medicine Forum which took place from 12 to 13 June. The forum brought together stakeholders from all international corners of the precision medicine sector over two days of insightful presentations and lively roundtable discussions.

The PERMIDES conference entitled Empowering Personalised Medicine through Digital Solutions was integrated into the opening morning of the Benelux Precision Medicine Forum.

Leaving the conference, delegates felt a sense of achievement; that conversations over the two days could lead to progress. Speaker Paula Lorgelly said the event enabled key figures from the sector to come together and develop ideas. “I think it’s important to bring people together because it’s not until you’re actually face-to-face that you get the chance to question somebody about their position and ask them about what we should be doing so it feels like we’re actually moving somewhere,” she said.

Assessing the event, Precision Medicine Forum Director Steve Coldicott: “People ask me how I think the forum has gone – and my response is always the same – it doesn’t really matter what I think; it’s all about the attendees and whether they feel it has been of benefit. Feedback is everything to us, and comments suggest that our first event for the Benelux region has been a resounding success. Indeed, we are already in discussions about how we can build on this foundation and bring together a more diverse group with new, fresh topics and an even better forum in 2019.

We look forward to seeing you next year.

You can read a full review of the event here.


12-13 June 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Incorporating: Empowering Personalized Medicine through Digital Solutions

PERMIDES Conference 12 June 2018

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