Dr Agneta Siegbahn

Dr. Siegbahn finished her MD at Uppsala University in 1974, and then had clinical residencies and fellowships in internal medicine, hematology and clinical chemistry.

She did her PhD in 1985, and founded the Coagulation Unit at the University Hospital in 1987. She became professor of Clinical Coagulation Science in 2000.

Dr. Siegbahn has had a large number of academic leadership positions for the past 30 years, amongst other things Member of the Board at Uppsala University, as well as the Swedish Reseach Council, Medicine. She has received a large number of prestigious awards, grants and has published more than 240 articles. Her research focus has been on clinical and translational studies of coagulation and thrombosis, where she is an internationally recognized leader.

In addition to this major contribution to the CVD literature, she has also played an important role in the increased use of protein biomarker discovery in clinical research in the Nordic region. She established the Uppsala Clinical Research Centre Laboratory in 2007, and then Clinical Biomarkers Facility at Science for Life Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden in 2012.

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