Dr. Ana Nordberg

Dr. Ana Nordberg, since 2018 Associate Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, in Lund University. Previously in her career, she was a practicing lawyer and later became a researcher at the Centre for Innovation and Information Law, at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, where she was awarded her PHD in 2014 and remained until moving to Lund University.

She has a strong interest in science and technology and her research concerns legal responses to the use of emerging technologies and associated business models.  Her research addresses different legal fields with particular emphasis in Intellectual Property Law, but exploring cross-fertilization and the interface between a broader spectrum of legal fields such as for example data protection and privacy, human rights and constitutional/fundamental law, competition law, EU and international law, comparative law, legal theory. Current research interests include inter alia: digitalization and enforcement of rights in the digital space, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and emerging health technology.

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