Dr. Helmut Hlavacs

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Hlavacs received his masters degree (1993) and his PhD (2001) from the Technical University of Vienna (Technical Mathematics). He worked for several companies, including IBM and Bank Austria. In 2001 he became assistant professor, and in 2004 he became associate professor (Habilitation) at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Vienna. From 2011 on he has been appointed head of the Research Group Entertainment Computing, as well as full professor.

Prof. Hlavacs has a background in numerical mathematics, parallel systems, discrete event simulation, performance modelling of distributed applications and systems, energy efficiency, and quality of service of networked systems.His current research interests include issues of entertainment computing, including quality of experience, mobile entertainment, multimedia performance, computer games, serious games, communication for special interest groups, game AI, and virtual reality. Prof. Hlavacs is the author of one textbook, several technical reports and over 200 peer-reviewed publications presented at international conferences and published in international journals. For a complete list see http://www.ani.univie.ac.at/~hlavacs/publications.html . Together with two co-founders, Prof. Hlavacs founded the spin-off Robimo GmbH, dealing with multicopters, image analysis, 3D-reconstruction, and deep learning.

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