Dr. Martina Kaufmann

Dr. Martina Kaufmann, Managing Director at Martina Kaufmann Strategic Consulting (www.mk-stracon.com) has 15+ years industry experience in the field of personalized medicine – from biomarker validation, companion diagnostics development to implementation of such products in the market.

She served in business and development functions in small biotech / diagnostic companies as well as in global pharmaceutical & diagnostics corporations (Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Novartis Pharma AG, Novartis Molecular Diagnostics), where she e.g. led the Herceptin® biomarker / companion diagnostics activities and did build up the oncology biomarker group in Basel, respectively.

Since April 2012 she is offering her comprehensive and longtime experience as a consultant to an international clientele in both pharma and diagnostics industry. In addition, she´s contributing to personalized medicine conferences and giving lectures in personalized medicine (ETH Zurich, University of Heidelberg).

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