Dr. Razelle Kurzrock, MD

Razelle Kurzrock, MD is a world-renowned physician-scientist leader in precision medicine as well as in the development of novel therapeutics in the field of oncology. She is recognized for founding, developing and chairing one of the largest Phase 1 clinical trial departments globally while at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; the central theme of the department was a personalized medicine strategy.  She is also one of the pioneering trialists of the WINTHER precision medicine trial focusing, for the first time, on transcriptomics in addition to genomics.  This trial was the signature study of the WIN international consortium (Nature Medicine).

During her time at the University of California San Diego Health, Dr. Kurzrock’s charge was leading the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy as well as the Experimental Therapeutics program, and she also founded a Rare Tumor Clinic focused on precision medicine.  The signature study of the center was the IPREDICT study (Nature Medicine, 2019) that gave, for the first time, individualized matched combination therapies to patients with lethal malignancies, hence resulting in improved outcomes.

Dr. Kurzrock is also an entrepreneur. She is co-founder of CureMatch, and on the Board of both CureMetrix and CureMatch.

Dr. Kurzrock has over 850 publications on Pubmed, an H-index of 126, and has been named to the list of most cited scientists worldwide and to the list of the 25 most important voices in Precision Medicine globally.

She has four children and three dogs and lives with her husband Dr Philip Cohen, in San Diego, California.

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