Dr Stephen McAdam


BSc (Hons) in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Durham University, England.

D.Phil, Keble College, University of Oxford, England.

Professional Experience Summary 

Dr Stephen McAdam is currently leading the Healthcare sector within DNV GL. An immunologist by training, Stephen has spent much of his career exploring how systems-based approaches to risk management can be applied to areas related to security, patient safety and biorisk. During the last few years Stephen has had increasing focus has on digitalization within healthcare with a special focus on precision medicine and the need for the responsible sharing of data.

Educational and Professional Positions 

1987-1990 Undergraduate student, University of Durham, England

1990-1992 Research assistant, New England Regional Primate Center,

Harvard Medical School, Boston, U.S.A.

1992-1997 Student Research Fellow, Inst. of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford, England.

1997-2001 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Inst. of Immunology, Univ. of Oslo.

2001-2005 Senior Research Scientist, Biorisk management Program, DNV Research, DNV, Norway

2005-2012 Healthcare & Biorisk Program Director, DNV Research and Innovation, DNV

2009-2012 Deputy Managing Director, DNV Research and Innovation

2012-2013 Managing Director, DNV Healthcare Europe

2013-2015 Global Technical Director, Healthcare, DNV GL

2015-2017 Global Healthcare Director, DNV GL.

2018- Healthcare Director, DNV GL Digital Solutions

Relevant Project Experience 

➢ Member of the board, The Nordic Alliance for Sequencing and Personalized Medicine

➢ Member of the (Polio) Containment Advisory Group, advising the Director-General, The World Health Organization

➢ Project co-founder and Operational Leader Group member for Norwegian Research Council National project: “A Big Data Medical Solution for Precision Medicine (BIGMED)”

➢ Project sponsor for DNV GL’s “Building Trust in Genomics” project.

➢ Technical expert and workshop member for European Committee for Standardization Workshop 55: Guidance Document for CWA 15793:2008 ‘Laboratory Biorisk Management Standard;

➢ Project Responsible: DNV Security Risk Management Methodology Development

➢ Member of technical committee (Z9 Health and Safety Standards for Ventilation Systems) for the American National Standards Institute/American Industrial Hygiene Association;

➢ Member of core biorisk expert group for European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) (Grant/2009/008);

➢ Member of the WHO for biorisk inspection visits of the smallpox repositories at CDC (USA) and Vector (Russian Federation);

➢ Member of Norwegian Delegation to the Biological Weapons Convention Meeting of States Parties 2008;

➢ Key member of team to develop WHOs Biorisk management standard for essential poliovirus facilities;

➢ Work package manager and member of project management team for EU Coordination Action Biosafety – Europe

➢ Project management experience in a range of scientific disciplines within laboratories in the EU, US and Africa;

➢ Development of risk management methodologies involving gene modified organisms and biological risk assessment;

➢ Project manager for two EU research projects at the National Hospital in Oslo;

➢ Publications – 40+ peer reviewed articles published in academic journals.

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