Dr. Valtteri Wirta Ph.D

Dr. Valtteri Wirta, Ph.D. serves as Head of Clinical Genomics facility at Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden, since January 2013. Dr. Wirta is affiliated to Department of Microbiology, Tumour and Cell Biology at Karolinska Institutet and School of Biotechnology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden). As the Head of Clinical Genomics, Dr Wirta and his team are working with the Swedish healthcare system to facilitate the transition of genomics technologies, especially massively parallel DNA sequencing, into routine diagnostic use.

Dr. Wirta has significant experience in working with genomics-based technologies and managing interdisciplinary teams both in biotech industry and academia. Since 2012 he has been managing research service facilities at Science for Life Laboratory. He received M.Sc. in molecular biology from Stockholm University in 2001 and Ph.D. in biotechnology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2006.

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