Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor

CEO and co-founder, BOOST THYROID

Vedrana is the CEO and co-founder of Boost Thyroid, a digital health company focused on solving health complications caused by thyroid autoimmune conditions and empowering people to live healthy and age well.

Vedrana’s goal is to increase public awareness as well as research interest in thyroid conditions, predominantly female conditions, and prevent health complications coming from delayed diagnoses.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Vedrana obtained her doctorate degree at Humboldt University in Berlin, and has worked on cancer research in some of the world’s most renowned institutions, such as the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Karolinska Institutet. Before Boost Thyroid, Vedrana was Director of Scientific Research at the period app Clue. Vedrana is a digital health advocate and a frequent speaker on the power of digital tools at events including TEDx and WIRED Health and at universities such as Oxford, Stanford, and Columbia. Vedrana believes that the right to health information is one of our basic human rights.

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