Erik Jylling

 Executive vice president Danish Regions MD. MPM. 

In his professional career Erik has been deeply involved in planning, organizing and leading the Danish healthcare System with the view from different professional perspectives and positions. Practical and political. 

MD with 25 years of practical experience in anestesiology and intensive care medicin, Consultant, Head of department and superior leading positions on hospital and organization level. 


Former President for Danish Junior Doctors ass. and President for The Danish confederation of professional ass. 2009-2013. 

Cofounder of The Danish Patient Safety Organization Former board member of different National Pensions Funds. 

Over the years been member of a number of international interest and national governmental committees. 

Literature about leadership, culture, quality and organizational aspects in the health care system. 

Supplied skills with executive manage and leadership programs at Stanford and Harvard university. 

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