EU funded initiative aims to apply big-data to cardiovascular health

A £19m EU-backed project has been launched aiming to apply genomics and big-data to the treatment of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases.

Bigdata@heart is a Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) project, a EU funded public/private consortium consisting of patient networks, pharmaceutical companies and academics.

The scheme, which will run over five years, is an attempt to see cardiovascular treatment follow the same path as cancer which is benefitting from the application of big-data and genetic research. Currently, DNA sequencing a tumour can identify mutations, against which targeted drugs can be administered. However, the same approach in cardiovascular treatment is not so straightforward.

Cardiovascular diseases often have multiple causes and can be accompanied by other conditions such as diabetes meaning that any understanding of its genetic element is unclear.

The scheme’s public/private partnership means that it has access to large-scale European cardiovascular databases. These large patient data-sets could be used by researchers to create algorithms that go towards more tailored treatment within the disease.

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