–Linked-Reads will be used to advance precision health and personalized medicine–

Intermountain Precision Genomics and 10x Genomics announced today, the addition of Chromium™ Genome Solution to the Translational Science Center (TSC). The center currently houses several of the latest high-throughput next-generation sequencing instruments for large-scale whole genome sequencing.

Helaman Escobar, Director of Intermountain’s Translational Science Center, stated “The instruments in the Translational Science Center coupled with the technology solutions provided by 10x Genomics support Intermountain Healthcare’s initiative to advance precision health to bring personalized medicine from the lab bench to clinical practice and improve patient’s lives.”

Commenting, Serge Saxonov, CEO of 10x Genomics said, “We are thrilled that Linked-Reads have been selected for this initiative. Access to long-range sequence information is becoming the standard for obtaining the most comprehensive understanding of disease, and we look forward to help enable Intermountain Healthcare to gain valuable insights that have previously not been possible,” said

One of the primary goals of the Translational Science Center is to sequence groups of samples from Intermountain’s extensive BioRepository, where biopsy specimens have been stored for decades. In reference to the biobank, Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, stated, “The secrets to how we should treat our patients in the future are locked away in our samples stored from patients of the past.” The TSC will create a pipeline of genomic information and eventually impact personalized clinical practice. The TSC will also collaborate with investigators and clinicians inside and outside the network of Intermountain hospitals and clinics to enable their research initiatives.

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