Frank Valk

Enterprise Account consultant, Population Health Management, Philips VitalHealth

As a medical doctor with experience in urology he now works for Philips VitalHealth which is part of Royal Philips, a health tech company driven by its mission to improve the lives of three billion people worldwide by 2030 through meaningful innovation. 

The aim of Philips VitalHealth is to accelerate value based healthcare by utilizing digital technology. 

The company enables patients to become more engaged in their care process, to measure patient reported outcomes, and coordinate care around chronically ill patients. The goal is to improve health care outcomes for the patient, to reduce cost for the health care organization, and to improve both patient and health care professional satisfaction. 

“E-health and self-management are instrumental for improving healthcare outcomes”

His session will provide insight in how a tailored digital coaching program can support self-management of the patient; How self-management level might give an indication of future health outcomes; also to share experience with telemonitoring and what important factors to take into account when implementing e-health solutions and telemonitoring programs. 

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