Gaelle Saint-Auret

Gaelle Saint-Auret is an expert in large-scale functional genomics. Her Ph.D. research involved implementing a DNA microarray platform (transcriptomic analysis and chip-on-chip) at the INSERM U905 lab in collaboration with the Genomics Laboratory of Genopole d’Evry near from Paris. She focused on large scale functional genomics approaches to characterize liver cancer processes. In 2009, she joined as researcher, the Biomics Laboratory (under the direction of Xavier Gidrol) of the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission in Grenoble (CEA).

The Biomics laboratory is involved in 3D mini-organs reconstruction (tumors, acini, organ-on-chip …) and RNAi-based functional genomics in oncology. Gaelle Saint-Auret enhanced her skills in RNA interference-based screening in oncology and develop new strategies to study microRNA biology and mechanism of action. Its team showed for the first time that miRNA can be located in the mitochondria. She participated in several studies conducted by Dr. Xavier Gidrol’s team dedicated to elucidate pathways in prostate and breast cancer.

She is continuing to work with Xavier Gidrol team to develop new technologies and increase insights in 3D models in cancer. Gaelle Saint-Auret, feels strongly that the different technologies developed by Biomics lab, have the potential to become a biotech firm. After a successful training in strategic and business management in the famous French business school HEC Paris, she created GENEL. GENEL provides pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic companies with innovative services to maximize their efficiency and speed up the release of new cares.

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