Henrik Ullum

The Danish Blood Donor Study (DBDS) (>130,000 participants) and The Copenhagen Hospital Biobank (>400,000 patients) were initiated in 2009/10 by Henrik Ullum.

The goal of DBDS is to create a national resource for high level health research, 130,000 DBDS participants are extensively genotyped. Hereby is created a unique research resource by combination with extensive phenotyping data from: health registers, questionnaires and lab data. The study is national including all 5 health regions. Copenhagen Hospital Biobank with 430,000 participants is similarly established as a resource for large scale genetic research. By combining genetic information with register data and clinical knowledge, the aim is to transform Copenhagen Hospital Biobank in to the major Danish biobank source for: genetics, risk stratification and personalized medicine. Through a strategic collaboration with deCODE genetics in Iceland and with the Brunak group at Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for

Protein Research, University of Copenhagen, we involve leading clinical researchers to ensure that the projects answer the most relevant pathogenic and clinical questions.

Henrik has since 2015 been the Chair of The Union of Medical Societies in Denmark (LVS) with 121 societies and 25,000 individual members. In this role he participates in health- and health research discussions with stakeholders at the highest level (i.e. Ministry of Health, Danish Regions, The Organization of Danish Patients, The Universities). LVS has in recent years organized public meetings on: personalized medicine, the use of health data in research, patient-involvement in research and legal constraints in medical research. He has participated in numerous discussions of these subjects at meetings, in media and on social media. He is heavily involved in the Danish Personalized Medicine project as a board member and as a member of several national- and regional working groups.

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