Henrik Ullum

Henrik Ullum MD, PhD

Henrik is a professor in clinical immunology at Institute for Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen. He is also a chief physician at Department of Clinical Immunology, Rigshospitalet, where he serves as head of The Copenhagen Biobank Unit and The Virology Section.

Henrik Ullum has extensive experience in initiating and leading research biobanks. He initiated in 2007 the Copenhagen Hospital Biobank. It collects >70,000 whole blood samples annually with the purpose of genetic research. It holds at present samples from >306,000 individual patients. In 2010 Henrik Ullum initiated The Danish Blood Donor Study to create a national research platform for studying epidemiology, etiology, and bio-markers on disease. The study has included >120,000 participants and holds more than 500,000 individual plasma samples (see: www.dbds.dk). Henrik Ullum leads/is involved in a number of other biobanks including: The PERSIMUNE biobank, The Danish HIV Cohort Biobank, The Danish Cancer Biobank and The Danish Rheumatology Biobank.

Henrik Ullum is since 2015 Chair of the Organization of Danish Medical Societies (LVS) and is through this: member of the national Danish advisory board for personalized medicine, board member of Program for Clinical Research Infrastructure (PROCRIN), member of Strategic Alliance for Register and Health data (STARS) and board member of The Danish Medical Association Research Fund. Henrik Ullum organized through LVS a series of Danish national meetings in 2016 on personalized medicine (see: http://danskpersonligmedicin.dk/), which fed in to the formulation of the Danish national strategy for personalized medicine.

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