Kim Holmstrøm

Bio Kim Holmstrøm, R&D Manager, Bioneer A/S

Kim Holmstrøm is the co-founder and chairman of The Danish Biomarker Network, and holds a position as R&D Manager at Bioneer A/S. He obtained his MSc in chemical engineering in 1989 from the Technical University of Denmark, where he also in 1998 got his PhD degree in Molecular Biology. The last 12 years he has been working with developing technologies for biomarker characterization to improve especially cancer diagnostic methods with a special focus on molecular staining technologies in cytology and histology.

The concepts of personalized medicine and precision diagnostics have been the driving forces in his work, and currently he is actively involved in investigating the opportunities for establishing a biomarker development infrastructure in Denmark within a Government funded project focusing on evaluating the development of biomarkers as an emerging growth area in Denmark.

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