Prof. Kjetil Taskén

Head and Director, Institute of Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital and Professor of Medicine, University of Oslo

Kjetil Taskén (born 1965) received his M.D. in 1991 and did his Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology (1994) at the University of Oslo (UiO). He was appointed Professor of Medicine in 2001 and serves as Head of the Institute of Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital (OUH) since 2018. He has been the national Director for Norway of the ESFRI infrastructures EU-OPENSCREEN (academic chemical biology and screening) and EATRIS (translational medicine) and in charge of the corresponding national infrastructures. He is a partner in the K.G. Jebsen Centre for Cancer Immunotherapy. He serves on several evaluation panels, SABs and Editorial Boards, including the IMI Scientific Committee, ERC Panel and CRUK New agents committee.

Taskén received the Anders Jahre Medical Prize for younger scientists in 2002 (Nordic award), and won the King Olav V’s Prize for Cancer Research (national life-achievement award by the Norwegian Cancer Society) in 2016. He was elected to the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters in 2005. Taskén is author of more than 250 scientific publications and inventor of more than 15 patents. He is cited over 12,000 times with an h-index of 56. 

Previous positions

  • Director of Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM), Nordic EMBL Partnership, UiO, 2008-2018
  • Adjunct Senior Scientist, Dept. of Infectious Diseases, OUH, 2011-2017
  • Director of the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, UiO from 2003-2016
  • Partner and Assistant Director in K.G. Jebsen Inflammation Research Centre, 2013-2017
  • Chief Scientific Officer, Lauras AS (adjunct position),2001-2010.
  • Chair,Faculty of Medicine Thematic Research Programme for Signal Transduction, UiO, 2001-2005
  • Senior Scientist and Group Leader, Inst. Basic Medical Sciences, UiO, 1998-2001
  • Postdoctoral fellow 1995-97 and Internships in medicine, surgery and general practice 1994, 1998
  • Taskén has been a co-founder and board member of three SMEs and has been on the Board of several other biotech SMEs. He is involved in several current commercialization projects. 

Fields of expertise

  • Hormonal regulation and compartmentalized cellular signalling in heart physiology and metabolism
  • Immunology in cancer, infection and inflammation
  • Translational research and drug development in the areas of immunomodulation and drug targeting of protein-protein interactions in signalling complexes.
  • Precision medicine in cancer, cancer drug sensitivity screening and drug repurposing
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