Markus Kalliola

Markus Kalliola works as a specialist in Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. Sitra is a future fund that collaborates with partners from different sectors to research, trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future.

Markus has worked in the “Isaacus – Digital Health Hub” project which aims to create a single-point access to unique Finnish Data Reserves. The work is done in extensive collaboration with the public and private sectors and NGOs and will be completed in July 2018. In the future he will be active in the IHAN “International Human Account Network” project which aims to empower people to have control over how and what their data is being used for.

Before joining Sitra, Markus worked in the European Commission in the department of Health and Food safety (DG Sante). He was responsible of a portfolio of information systems including cross-border healthcare projects for exchanging patient summaries and e-prescriptions and European reference networks.

Markus is future oriented person who believes that trough technical innovations and sustainable development we can leave a better world for next generation. When not building that world he enjoys quality time with his wife and two daughters or practice for the next marathon. Follow Markus in twitter @markuskalliola.

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