Matthias Schwab

Matthias Schwab studied medicine followed by fellowships in Children’s Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology with board certifications for both disciplines. Since 2007 he is Director of the Dept. of Clinical Pharmacology, University Hospital Tuebingen, and the Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch-Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Stuttgart, Germany. He participated in and/or coordinated a number of national/international research networks (e.g., EU-ITN, EU-IMIs, EU-Horizon2020, BMBF). Within the IMI2 c4c initiative M Schwab represents the activities of the German Hub with his expertise in pediatric clinical pharmacology. Moreover he is member of several committees (e.g. Germ. Nat. Academy of Sci. Leopoldina, Germ. Academy of Sci. and Literature, Mainz), and received numerous awards (e.g. Galenus von Pergamon Award, the Robert-Pfleger Research Award).

His scientific accomplishments result in > 300 peer reviewed publications (HI 83), and he is listed repeatedly as Clarivate Highly Cited Reseacher (rubric “Pharmacology and Toxicology”). He is Editor-in-Chief of Pharmacogenetics & Genomics and Section Editor of Genome Medicine. (

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