Merike Leego, MBA, MSc

Merike LeegoMBA, MSc, is Innovation Manager at EIT Health Scandinavia, the European Commission funded network that promotes innovation in the health sector and brings together stakeholders to implement close-to-market-ideas into everyday healthcare via supporting its financial instruments. She is also coordinating the program Registers and Biobanks in transition (RABBIT)with the mission to improve access to biobanks and quality registers to industry and academia within the EIT Health network. Merike Leego has extensive experience in coordinating research projects funded by the European Commission, NIH and the Estonian Research Council at her previous position in University of Tartu/Estonian national biobank.

She has been actively involved in BBMRI-ERIC activities in Estonia and coordinated the FP7 funded project BBMRI-LPC in Estonia. She has held positions as Marketing Manager and Intellectual Property Manager in several biotech companies in Estonia. She also reads lecture on bio-entrepreneurship at University of Tartu.

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