New research program in personalized medicine dedicated to cancer

Acobiom, a company specialized in the discovery of biomarkers and in the development of diagnostics in personalized medicine has obtained €1.1 million of grants from Bpifrance (French public financing structure) as part of the OncoSNIPE® project. The project which is planned to last 4 years has a total budget of €12 million, with €7.7 million coming from French government funds under the “Investment for the Future Programme” (PIA, Bpifrance).

The programme is designed to develop and implement “bio-IT” approaches, drawing on methodologies including artificial intelligence, statistical learning and semantic enrichment to help identify and characterise patients who are resistant to anti-cancer treatments. This will enable targetted R&D specific therapies through the identification of new targets..

OncoSNIPE® gathers industrials: Oncodesign (coordination), Acobiom, Expert System and Sword, and three French academic institutions: Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, the anti-cancer centers of Dijon (Centre George François Leclerc) and of Marseille (Institut Paoli Calmettes).

As part of this project, Acobiom will identify circulating (blood) biomarkers predictive of treatment resistance and will develop diagnostics allowing the prediction of patient resistance to anti-cancer drugs currently available for pancreatic, lung and breast cancers. These three cancers concern 3.8 million people per year and drive the 2.4 million deaths per year (Globocan 2012, IARC), in particular due to the emergence of resistance to the given treatments.
“This new partnership to work in the cancer domain will strengthen Acobiom’s position in the field of personalized medicine and in the development of diagnostics allowing the selection of the best-in-class treatment that matches the patient’s own biological profile”, said Didier Ritter, CEO, Acobiom.

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