The Inaugural Benelux AI in Medicine and Healthcare Forum - Co-Located with Benelux Precision Medicine Forum

Utrecht 18-19 May 2020

The increasing availability of big data, rapid and large scale adoption of technology in every aspect of health, and the growing number of multi-disciplinary partnerships and collaborations is fuelling the growth of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and medicine. AI across every aspect of our lives has attracted a lot of hype, but beneath this is the underlying reality that early successes within the medical field show signs for enormous and ground-breaking potential. Imaging is just one major application area that has already led to improved, more accurate tumour profiling. Using deep machine learning techniques will ultimately aid, in terms of time and precision, earlier diagnosis of disease and treatment pathway identification.

Inherently a huge part of bringing precision medicine closer to the patient, AI is undeniably starting to take a hold in medical imaging, drug discovery, drug design, and will no doubt will become the norm in other aspects of healthcare. With healthcare systems under increasing pressure due to staffing levels and financial constraints, health AI can truly augment human activity, offering more accurate diagnosis more quickly, and aiding decision-making in the clinic.

The possible opportunities for using AI in future healthcare are almost limitless, but as with any new technologies, there are barriers to be faced. Be they financial constraints, regulatory or ethical challenges, we must find ways to overcome these obstacles.

So, we are excited to be holding the inaugural Benelux AI Medicine and Healthcare Forum which will be co-located with our 3rd Annual Benelux Precision Medicine Forum. We feel the time is right to expand upon the success of Benelux PMF and bring together a larger group of experts from a wider range of disciplines.

After all, collaboration is the key – we hope to see you in Utrecht in May 2020!



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“It was a true pleasure to work with Steve Coldicott and his team: A smooth cooperation of the highest quality and we very much benefitted from his vast network in industry and academia."Robert Stubenrauch, Business Upper Austria