The Inaugural Epigenetics and Epigenomics in Health and Disease

17-19 November 2022

These are exciting times for discovering the biological scope and the mechanisms of action for DNA and RNA molecules, which have great impact in health and diseases, including cancer and neurodevelopmental disorders. Epigenetic mechanisms, such as postranslational modifications of chromatin (DNA and histones), play pivotal roles in development, cell differentiation and cell identity. Inappropriate regulation of epigenetic mechanisms has been implicated in common human diseases. Moreover, there has been a recent explosion of activity in the fields of RNA epigenetics and non-coding RNAs, which have become integral parts of the field of gene expression.

This International Meeting on “Epigenetics and Epigenomics in Health and Disease” will integrate different sessions on: transcription and chromatin in gene regulation, DNA modifications, RNA epigenetics, non-coding RNA, epigenomic tools. Besides bringing the newest findings on epigenetic mechanisms, a special focus will be dedicated to discuss novel and promising therapeutic drugs aimed at reversing specific epigenetic alterations.

The meeting will gather scientists using diverse approaches, such as molecular biology, cell biology genetics, epigenomics, and biochemistry. Researchers from pharmaceutical companies and clinicians working in different fields but sharing the same interests will also find the meeting  an ideal opportunity to meet, discuss and summarize their work.

Furthermore, to ensure that the conference will touch upon the most recent breakthrough in the fast moving field of epigenetics, there will be slots for short talks based on submitted abstracts.

Overall, the meeting will provide great opportunities for senior and junior scientists to meet the leaders in the field from both academia and industry, hence forging exciting interdisciplinary interactions and creating potential new collaborations in the booming area of epigenetics and epigenomics and their clinical impacts.

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Prof François Fuks
Director, Laboratory of Cancer Epigenetics & ULB-Cancer Research Center (U-CRC),
ULB - University of Brussels

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