Precision Medicine Forum -
Patient Week

8-11 March 2021, Virtual Sessions

We have always included the patient’s perspective at our in-person forum and feel that this is an increasingly important aspect of our events. Given that virtual events remove the barriers to entry for patients and patient advocates in terms of travel and accommodation costs, now is a perfect opportunity to include even more patients in the discussion as panellists and attendees.

Precision Medicine Forum - Patient Week will be held across four sessions each lasting two hours from 8-11 March 2021. Being virtual this allows for far greater participation for patients and advocates and indeed, from a broader geography than is possible in-person. This, our inaugural patient week, is the first in an ongoing initiative to bring patients more into the discussions about precision medicine.

How the Sessions Run

Precision Medicine Forum Patient Week focusses squarely on the perspective of patients, advocates and caregivers. Panellist and attendees also include healthcare practitioners, researchers, industry and patient groups and those within their respective institutions who are tasked with building the necessary systems and solutions to harness the full potential of precision medicine.

We convene a group of experts from a range of disciplines within precision medicine, and via a moderated discussion, allow unique insights in a relaxed, interactive environment. Our platform allows for audience Q&A, polls, and open discussion amongst the panellists to create a fully immersive experience. Our attendee research confirms that it is difficult to retain interest while sat at a laptop for hours on end, so our shorter sessions ensure we maintain engagement and allow greater flexibility to fit into attendees’ busy schedules and ensure increased attendee retention for the full session.

  • 4-6 panellists
  • 60 min sessions
  • Candid conversation
  • Free to attend for healthcare and patients/advocates and research
  • Live and on-demand


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PMF Patient Week 2021
"...Without a doubt, it's been a superbly informative and exceptionally well-organised event."Sibylle Mittnacht, Professor of Cell and Molecular Oncology, University College London (UCL) Cancer Institute