Precision Medicine Forum -
Patient Week

29 November - 2 December 2021, Virtual Sessions

Precision Medicine Forum - Patient Week convenes healthcare professionals, researchers, industry, payers and patients/patient advocates in a unique setting which puts the patient front and centre of the discussions. It’s widely acknowledged that patients should be involved from bench to bedside, so we have designed an unrivalled environment to facilitate dialogue between speakers and attendees, whether they are a researcher, patient, industry representative or healthcare professional. Providing individual and group networking opportunities, expert panel discussions and roundtables to delve a little deeper, we encourage candid conversations about how we as a community can increase the engagement and involvement of patients from early research to treatment pathway decisions.

Research and our experience confirm that many more patients, from a broader geography, find it easier, more cost effective, and less time consuming to be involved in a virtual setting. Put simply, the financial and logistical barrier to entry that often exist for patient representatives does not exist at Patient Week. 

As a result, Precision Medicine Forum - Patient Week brings together a group of people who might otherwise never have the opportunity to meet, share experience and expertise and form long lasting collaborations.

Why get involved?
  • We have extensively researched and tested a multitude of platforms to deliver the functionality, stability and simplicity required to provide an exceptional virtual experience.
  • The format of our virtual events is built with you in mind, to ensure maximum engagement from all participants and yet fit easily into your busy schedule.
  • You will be provided with the opportunity to meet and hear expert opinion from people who you may have never had the opportunity to meet in person.
What is the format of Patient Week?
  • All of our sessions are live so as to enable real life conversations in real time.
  • 2hrs a day over four days so as to easily fit into your calendar.
  • Interactivity is critical to us – we believe that without it attendees are not engaged.
  • Everything in one place - we avoid multi-platform technology as we want to provide the best possible user experience.

You can view recordings of the March 2021 sessions by registering.
“I was impressed with the flow and congenial atmosphere overall of the panelists that I observed. Unlike many presentations, which follow a formal protocol and seem to have little time for frank discussion and addressing questions from the audience, the speakers appeared relaxed and conversational in tone which truly appealed to me.”

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“Thank you for organising this wonderful forum this week. The quality of the discussion is really outstanding thanks to the patient representatives. I will suggest strengthening the exchange with patient advocates in our organization."