Paivi Ostling

Päivi Östling received her MSc in biochemistry from Åbo Akademi, her PhD at the Turku Center for Biotechnology, Åbo Akademi and Turku University, and was a postdoc at Medical Biotechnology, VTT. Since 2011, Päivi Östling has been doing research on precision cancer medicine, with a focus on functional drug testing to generate individualized sensitivity profiles on patient-derived primary cells. The functional drug testing approach was initiated as a team science effort on acute myeloid leukemia at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, FIMM and her task was to extend this to include also solid tumors. Here, the research focus has been on urological tumors including prostate, kidney and bladder cancer.

Since 2016, she has been responsible for developing a precision systems medicine platform at Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab,Department of Oncology and Pathology, Karolinska Institutet, where she currently operates as the co-Principal Investigator of the Olli Kallioniemi research group. The focus of their translational research, is to generate molecular -omics profiles linked with drug testing profiles on representative patient-derived cell models from cancer, to aid clinical decision making, to facilitate patient stratification and early selection of drug candidates for clinical development.

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