Pelle Almquist

Freelance Software Developer, Epidemic Sound • Took a new product from idea to beta. Roles as it-architect, user research, frontend (React.js) and backend (Kotlin) developer.

Backend : API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, Cloudfront, S3, Adyen payments, and gordon.
Frontend : React.js, redux, react-router, react-redux-form, Google invisible reCAPTCHA, and webpack. Website with very high usage spikes (going from 0 to 1M requests in a minute). This led
me chose the AWS Serverless stack which scales up and down very fast depending on usage.

Left or Right
Backend: Kotlin, Sparkjava, Docker. AWS – ALB, CloudFront, CloudWatch Alerts, ECR, ECS, IAM, RDS (Postgres), Rekognition, Route53, S3, SES, SQS, SNS, and VPC. Firebase -Authentication, Cloud Messaging, Dynamic Links
Frontends: iOS, Swift. Android, Kotlin.
Data science: AWS RDS. Google BigQuery. ETL via cron, Python and Pandas. Ad-hoc queries via Python, Pandas, and JuPyter. Analytics and dashboard via Re:dash.

AWS, Git, Heroku, Jenkins, Librato, Mandrill, Node.js, Papertrail, Postgres, Postmark, SNS, SQS, and Twilio . Clue’s backend, serving requests from numerous locations.

Wrapp’s backend
Cloudfront, Cyclone, ELB, ETL, Elasticache, FQL, Fabric, Facebook Graph API, Git, HAPROXY, Jenkins, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, MySQL, NGINX, Pubnub, Python, RDS, REST, Rails, Redis, Riak, Ruby, S3, SOAP, SQLAlchemy, Scala, Splunk, Storm, and Twisted . Wrapp’s backend, serving requests from numerous locations.

Apache POI, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, CSS, Coffeescript, jQuery, HTML, MySQL, Python, Qless, REST, Redis, Rivet.js, Twisted, Websockets. Real-time stats, historical stats, reporting, and administrative tool for Wrapp’s merchants.

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