Peter Asplund

Co-founder and Project Director MEGALIT |  Director Department of Anestethic and Intensive Care, Region Örebro Län, Örebro, Sweden.

Member of the Steering Group for Test Bed Sweden for Precision Health in Cancer.

Peter Asplund is one of the co-founders and the project director of the MEGALIT-initiative in Sweden. Peter is a life science graduate and professional with 20+ years experience in international clinical development across pharma, medical device and the CRO-industry. Having contributed to several national and international initiatives in life science/clinical development he co-funded in 2017 the precision cancer medicine initiative MEGALIT. At the time he headed up the Department of Haematology, Oncology and Endocrine tumours, Akademiska Sjukhuset in Uppsala incl. the clinical research unit coordinating 200+ clinical studies in cancer.

Through senior roles across pharma, med-tech and public health care Peters interest has been in cross-sector collaborations particularly in clinical trials. Through the collaboration within and beyond the MEGALIT-consortium the ambition is to contribute to system innovation furthering the concept and implementation of national clinical trials, driving patient value and equitable health care.

Peter is co-leading the work stream for National clinical trials with Test Bed Sweden for Precision Health in Cancer.

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