Prof Sibylle Mittnacht

Sibylle Mittnacht, Professor of Cell and Molecular Oncology, University College London (UCL) Cancer Institute

1978 – 1983         BSc., MPhil: Eberhard Karl’s University, Tübingen, Germany

1983 – 1987         Ph.D., German Cancer Research Centre Heidelberg, University Heidelberg

Positions and Honours


1987- 1992          Postdoctoral training . German Cancer Research Center ( DKFZ) Heidelberg, Applied Virology, and Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge, MA, USA

1992 -1998          Career development faculty (time limited), ICR, London

1998 – 2011         Career Faculty, (non-time limited), ICR, London

2011-current       Research Faculty, Professor of Cell and Molecular Oncology, School for Biomedical Sciences and Cancer Institute, UCL, London

Honours, Awards

1985         Yamagiwa-Yoshida Memorial International Cancer Study Award, International Union Against Cancer (UICC), Geneva, Switzerland

1985         Award in support of novel approaches to cancer research, German Cancer Research Foundation, Heidelberg, Germany

1987         Postgraduate Award for outstanding young scientists, The German Cancer Research Foundation, Heidelberg, Germany  (2 years)

1989         Postgraduate Award of the Boehringer Ingelheim Fond, Stuttgart, Germany  (2 years)

2000         Reader of Cancer Biology/ Molecular Oncology

2008         Professor of Cell and Molecular Oncology

2009         Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK)- by peer election

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