Professor Maarten Ijzerman

Professor Maarten Ijzerman, Health & Biomedical Technology at Faculty for Science & Technology at University of Twente

Maarten IJzerman is trained as a biomedical scientist and clinical epidemiologist. After his PhD he worked in neurologic rehabilitation for about 10 years, after which he developed a research program in Health Technology Assessment and Health Services Research. His current research is on new methods to evaluate the clinical and health economic outcome of diagnostic and imaging technologies for personalized medicine, in particular in cancer. He is involved in several large global initiatives to develop emerging good practices for Simulation Modelling in Healthcare Delivery research and the use of big (-omics) data to populate patient-level decision models for clinical and health economic evaluation. He is a PI or co-PI of several European and International funded projects, such as the UCAN-CANDU network (Canadian-Dutch program on personalized care for JIA, the IMI funded Cancer-ID program, TANGO (next-generation sequencing in oncology) with the CPCT, the European Liquid Biopsy Academy (ELBA) and Replace-IT (ZonMW with UMCG). International activities include membership of the ESMO working group cancer medicines, the ISPOR Health Sciences & Policy Council, and member of the board of directors of two hospitals. He has co-authored more than 185 peer-reviewed articles, with an H-index of 43 and more than 6400 citations. He has supervised 20 PhD students (2005-2017), with another 12 PhD students currently being supervised.

Improving the Delivery of Value-Based Personalized Cancer Care: Health Economics of Liquid Biopsies for Treatment Targeting and Monitoring

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