Søren Brunak

Søren Brunak, Professor of Disease Systems Biology at the University of Copenhagen Medical School and Professor of Bioinformatics at the Technical University of Denmark.

He has been a pioneer within the general areas of bioinformatics and computational biology and has been active in these fields from the mid-80ies and onwards. His focus has in particular been the machine learning angle. He co-authored the first text book in the area, “Bioinformatics: The Machine learning approach”, MIT Press 1998 (with Pierre Baldi). Today his research groups combine molecular level systems biology data with the analysis of clinical data, in particular electronic patient records, nation-wide registry information and biobank questionnaires.

He studies the temporal order of comorbidities; “disease trajectories”, including treatment provoked disease correlations and how to stratify patients not only from their genotype, but also phenotypically based on clinical descriptions in their medical records. An additional focus area is human proteome variation in the context of precision medicine.

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