Tamara Högler

Tamara Högler joined CyberForum e.V. in 2010, a business network for high-tech and IT companies. She is Head of Innovations and International Affairs and responsible for the management of European research projects and the establishment of international cooperation with clusters. Tamara works since 2001 in EU projects and has thus long-time experience as project manager, but also as LEAD partner in FP7, Horizon 2020 and Interreg projects. Her projects mainly focus on boosting the regional innovation potential in IT-related topics. For her PhD thesis, Tamara elaborated an Integrative Approach for evaluating ICS systems by focusing on a preference-neutral target system, which she applies successfully in SME projects.

In 2001, Tamara started her research career at the Research Centre for Information Technologies (FZI) as fulltime research assistant. During her time at FZI she was deputy head of the department “Business Process Engineering and Management” and board and chairman of the personnel board. Additionally, she was Ombudsman for the quality assurance of research activities of FZI researchers. From 2003-2006 Tamara worked as research assistant at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), department for Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods.

In 2006 Tamara left research to become a Product Manager for Mobile Industrial Solutions at a private company. She had projects with global players of the chemical and process industry in Germany, but also with SMEs in the manufacturing trade sector and public administrations. During her projects she gained a deep insight into practical problems that occur when evaluating the economic efficiency of mobile systems. The faced real-life challenges and requirements motivated her above mentioned research work thesis.

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