Ujjwal Neogi

Ujjwal Neogi obtained his doctoral degree from Department of Medicine Huddinge, Karolinska Institutet (KI) in 2013. He joined the Department of Laboratory Medicine as Assistant Professor in 2015, where his research focuses on multi-omics system biology studies in infectious diseases to understand the mechanism of disease progression, immune-control and immune-aging. Presently he is group leader in the same department.

The aim of his research group is to understand the genetic, cellular and molecular mechanisms of immune aging in HIV-infected individuals on successful long-term treatment through translational research integrating multi-omics techniques and clinical data. In a systemic approach, the group is applying high-throughput multi-omics technologies (e.g., epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and microbiome), along with in vitro and ex vivo experimental methods.  This approach helps to bridge the gap between genotype and phenotype and to understand how it regulates immune-aging and age-related diseases in HIV-infected individuals so that a precision medicine approach can be implemented for healthy-aging on HIV-infected individuals.

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