Wouter de Laat

Wouter de Laat is group leader at the Hubrecht Institute, Oncode principle investigator, professor of Biomedical Genomics at University Medical Center Utrecht and founder of biotech company Cergentis. He performed his PhD focused on nucleotide excision repair at the Erasmus University Rotterdam with Prof. Jan Hoeijmakers and did his postdoc with Prof. Frank Grosveld, working on beta-globin gene activation.

The research of his group focuses on two main themes, with a strong emphasis on technology development. One focus is on epigenetics and gene expression; in particular, how the 3D architecture of the genome impacts on transcription regulation. By developing and applying innovative high-throughput technologies he and his team aim to accelerate progress in understanding genome structure-function relationships.

The second focus is on clinical diagnostics. His research group develops DNA sequencing technologies for clinical applications, for example for optimized oncogenetic diagnostics and for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of monogenic diseases.

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