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Precision Medicine Forum & Precision Oncology Forum – Virtual Panel Series brings together global experts in a new series of bi-weekly senior leadership, virtual panel discussions on oncology and beyond.
Precision Medicine Forum Virtual Panel Series
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The buzz around the potential of Precision Medicine continues as new technologies, more powerful computing and our ability to store, share and interpret Big Data increases.  Yet with differing healthcare systems, regulatory obstacles, reimbursement challenges, ethical concerns and many more issues, there are a multitude of hurdles to overcome before we will see ubiquitous precision medicine. Of course, the ultimate goal is to achieve clinical implementation of a personalised medicine approach.

It will take the combined efforts of healthcare providers, research, industry, Government and patient groups, as well as harnessing the undoubted potential of technology, to realise the potential of precision medicine. By bringing these groups together we hope to help break down these barriers

Our aim is to facilitate global collaboration in precision medicine – what many see as the key to unlocking the promise of a personalised approach to healthcare. We do this through our events, social media, newsletters and our website. Join us and let’s make a difference together.

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Facilitating Global Collaboration
“…a great event which surpassed my expectations; one of the best conferences I have been to for yearsVP and Head, Genome Sciences & Technologies, Worldwide R&D Pfizer Inc.
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